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Recovery (v.) is a Verb:
Action Steps to Build a Solid and Lasting 'Program of Recovery' from Addiction - by Roland Williams

Recovery Program Workbook This workbook offers the user tools that go beyond the substance use, and get to many of the core issues that prevent people from getting and more important staying in Recovery. I want to help you to develop a Recovery program that is solid and lasting. I believe that a person can get clean and stay clean for life, if they are willing to do some work. And therein lies the challenge. Are you willing to do the work? Recovery is not what we say, it’s what we do. Recovery is a verb—it’s an action word.

So this workbook is designed to help the user learn more about themselves, learn how to take better care of themselves, learn how to develop and utilize a Recovery support system, build a strong program of Recovery and develop effective techniques to avoid relapse.


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Relapse Prevention Workbook for African Americans:
Hope and Healing for the Black Substance Abuser (Revised Edition) by Roland Williams

Relapse Prevention WorkbookThis comprehensive and practical workbook is designed to assist African Americans seeking recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. It is intended to increase the quality of recovery and help avoid relapse due to race-related issues. It will lead the reader through a series of clinical exercises designed to improve insight and create a more solid recovery experience.

The list of relapse warning signs for African Americans has been updated and three new warning signs have been added bringing the total to twenty-five. This book provides an opportunity for black addicts to reflect on and process some of their deep-rooted issues, such as internal racism, culturally related low self-esteem, victimization, entitlement, and distrust that can sabotage attempts at recovery.

The goal of this book is to work towards solutions and healing, not ruminate on the problem. The black addict will be able to honestly identify the race and culture-related issues that threaten recovery and then create a solid recovery plan that addresses these issues.


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Relapse Prevention Counseling for African Americans:
A Culturally Specific Model (Revised Edition) by Roland Williams and Terence T. Gorski

Relapse Prevention Counseling Relapse is a serious problem for all addicts seeking recovery; there are significant threats to one’s sobriety regardless of race. Nevertheless, there are specific cultural challenges that African Americans face in their pursuit of freedom from addiction.

This book offers clinicians several practical tools to help them work more effectively with African American clients. It looks at some of the culturally specific relapse warning signs that pose a threat to their recovery and offers management strategies for each one. Specific cross-cultural counseling techniques are identified and discussed.

The process for developing this book is clearly detailed and can be used as a model for other minority groups to develop their own culturally specific relapse prevention plans. Roland F. Williams and Terence Gorski’s collaboration on this book have resulted in a powerful and thought provoking piece of work.


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Relapse Warning Signs for African Americans:
A Culturally Specific Model by Roland Williams and Terence T. Gorski

Relapse Warning Signs This pamphlet provides a list of 22 culturally specific relapse warning signs for African Americans. The list was developed to address issues that may threaten the black addict seeking recovery from addiction.

While chemically dependent people have certain triggers that lead them from stable recovery to relapse, African Americans have those same triggers as well as additional ones specifically related to their culture. For example, most addicts have low self-esteem, which can contribute to the relapse process. Many African Americans have low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy as a result of years of racism and prejudice.

This ‘warning sign’ list identifies several different issues that African Americans might experience in their daily lives, issues that if left unchecked could sabotage and defeat any attempts at recovery.


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Presentations By Roland Williams

These powerful and inspirational presentations provide an overview of Mr. Williams’ clinical perspective and treatment philosophies. The information is practical and presented in Mr. Williams’ unique style. He also challenges some of the common myths that have been perpetuated in the industry for years.

CD 1: Cultural Considerations in Addiction Treatment

CD 2: Relapse Prevention

CD 3: Avoiding Stress and Burnout

CD 4: From Victim to Victory – Part One

CD 5: From Victim to Victory – Part Two

CD 6: Assessing Chemical Dependency

CD 7: Many Paths, One Destination

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